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From The Lasers Edge .......

Postby LarryD » Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:56 am

Once I saw that The Lasers Edge had Seventh Wonder in stock, had to place a quick order:

Seventh Wonder / Tiara --
I think at this point, I don't care what SW releases, I figure I'm going to love it, and at the very least, I get to hear Tommy at his best again ....... I'm sure it also had to do with the long time in between releases, but I'm one of those who digs him in Kamelot, so I get the best of both worlds...... I've heard some grumblings from people who have heard this already and they weren't happy with it overall, but I will agree that after so many years, you do have to come up with something of better quality than normal to keep a lot of us interested. I'm guessing they did with this one from what I've heard on the samples......

Brainstorm / Midnight Ghost -
I was initially excited about this release...... what I heard online didn't exactly wow me, yet I read so many good things about this disc, I had to bite as a fanboy of old....Brainstorm has always been one of my "metal" bands that I turn to for just good, power, headbanging metal..... I did lose them on the last two discs, and I was ready to hang it up figuring they were done. But, I owe it to Andy and company to give this a shot, but what sealed it for me is that the CD comes with a live DVD of a show back in 2016. I'll take that any day !!!!!! So even if I don't like the disc, I know I will love the show. WIN.

The Paradox Twin / The Importance of Mr. Bedlam -
Thanks to Glenn for pointing this one out to me ..... Any disc with that band name, coupled with that disc title, has to be at least heard...... :wink: :wink: This was played for me at Prog Power, and I was blown away. This is NOT metal .... and I'm not sure what to really call it. It fits somewhere in between Neo-Prog, Melodic Rock, and soft Prog Rock....somewhere.... I can't find any bands in my head that I compare to, but if you heard or know of The Barstool Philosophers, than that is a good comparison because I didn't know where to put them either. Weirdly, both bands are from England I believe, and they both play a hybrid of the styles I mentioned, and both have excellent singers (or at least The Barstools did as the original left the band). Here, with The Twin, we have another excellent singer with a guy who keeps reminding me of a younger Mac (Threshold). What I heard was slick, polished, melodic music that with each song, I kept saying " this is still them playing " ?? In amazement that they could keep upping my love for it......... I can't wait to get this one on my system. A true surprise amidst a great year of awesome music......

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