Larry - Evership II???

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Larry - Evership II???

Postby Sir Exar Kun » Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:18 pm

Had no clue this was coming out...... Popped up on Lasers Friday....
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Re: Larry - Evership II???

Postby LarryD » Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:00 am

Sir Exar Kun wrote:Had no clue this was coming out...... Popped up on Lasers Friday....

*** Sorry -- forgot to mention this that it was coming out soon ....... I didn't think too many people were into this band, so it slipped my mind writing about it here......

Ok, so -- the first Evership = A monster !!!!! I loved it, and I go back to that disc on a regular basis. I have copies made of it in case I lose it in this moving mess I'm in...... I love it. Fast Forward to Part II - at the risk of having to read thru my BS and wonder what the hell I said, here is a great review of the disc....... ... ership-ii/

This guy is right on in his review -- did we, or anyone else invent the new genre called Pop Prog ? If not, then I deem it so now ........ this band wants so hard to be a pop band, (Styx, Kansas, Queen, Toto) ..... but doesn't know how to let go of the Prog aspect of their sound...... or vice versa. It could be due to the singer sounding like Roger Taylor, (and he is awesome by the way), or it could be because they just love Pop Rock but have Prog instincts - either way, they write a hell of a song - and epic at that. See the last 25:00 epic. For me, I think there are 5 or 6 songs total on the disc ..... 2 of the songs I have to FF thru - the rest are tell tale Evership. So that's not a bad thing given the short song list. I'll 3 out of 5 at 8-9 minute per song plus the 25:00 epic. It will take getting used to = it's a grower, not an instant like the debut.
But - I wouldn't pass this up for anything - there is something about this band that draws me in no matter what they do .... it's just how they do it that will lure you or repel you.

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Re: Larry - Evership II???

Postby ToddS » Sun Oct 28, 2018 12:55 pm

This one is more of a grower than the debut for me as well. I think partly because the opener on the ST Silver Light captivated me right from the opening notes.

The opener on II is ok at best. Kinda meh for me upon early listens. Track 2 and the epic at the end are great! The others are a little hit and miss but growing on me.

On top of that this one feels lighter and more pop like than the debut. The song writing doesn’t always feel as tight and polished as the debut.

The mix is a little dull, especially the drums sound distant and a bit muffled. The mastering though is nice. You actually have to crank this one up quite a bit to get some volume.

Bottom line is it’s certainly a must have for fans. Though probable won’t gain any new fans that didn’t care for the previous.
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