Quick thoughts on Prog Power.......

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Quick thoughts on Prog Power.......

Postby LarryD » Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:31 pm

It was a very strange year for us ...... let's leave it at that. Hopefully next year we will be in better health and frames of minds as well.........

Shame on you Kingcrow for cancelling on us. You put out a great disc - but you cancel Prog Power ? You gotta be shittin me........

I know the Nocturnal Rites singer had a cold - but man, he was suffering. He didn't sound much like he does on disc - or if he does, he isn't a raspy on disc. Poor dude. I felt for him.

Voyager could be one of the best live bands ever. The energy this band emits is amazing. Not to mention the awesome sound they had. One of the few bands who could have this much fun on stage and play this type of music...... unreal.

Manimal ruled !!!! Nope it's not my normal listening style, but I loved their last disc, and I love the new one. Their brand of mid-paced Priest-style music pays off with that fantastic singer. And for those who didn't see him - yes, he can hit those high notes - I counted every one and he nailed them all ........fun band, and the little makeup they wore works well. Just a straight up, fun metal band.

As I get older - I just don't for the Italian / old school / speedy as hell prog metal even if it is Labyrinth. Tyrant can still bring it, but I can't do this type of metal anymore.......

Redemption is a class act band. Nick pulled out the stops for this one, and it's cool to see a band doing a LED screen back drop and cool lights even if it is filmed for a Bluray show. Tom was obviously nervous, but he did a good job with only 1 performance under his belt with them ....... bringing out Ray Alder and Chris Poland was just too cool for anyone.......what an absolute surprise - and playing Peace Sells really got the crowd going........ Nick is an absolute classy guitar player, and I'm calling him The Riffmaster in the future. No one writes riffs like this in prog metal these days........

Sons of Apollo - I was skeptical going in, as I didn't care for the disc too much. The live show, just blew me away. No matter what you think of Portnoy, when he plays, you are going to get a hell of a show, and we did. Slick, polished and incredible players........ Bumblefoot had the coolest guitar ever. What a fun show, by incredible musicians I've never seen before (Bumblefoot and Sheehan). The rest I've seen and heard before, and Jeff Scott Soto was awesome. I will agree with someone who said Redemption and SoA were one of the best 1-2 punch bands closing ever.......wow.

Eclipse singer is excellent. Perfect for this type of music.

VUUR and Anneke blew me away. Period. I didn't care for the disc - I'm going back to it. And throwing in some of her other bands' material was a complete bonus for us.......Anneke remains a goddess and had everyone in her hand. Incredible woman and show.

Tarja signing only 30 min - 2 items - no pictures. Huh ? :|

Shout out to my bros ....... all of you. And to Glenn and Nick van Dyk - you rule my brothers, you are friggin awesome.........

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