Wilson & Wakeman / The Sun Will Dance in It's Twilight Hour....

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Wilson & Wakeman / The Sun Will Dance in It's Twilight Hour....

Postby LarryD » Mon May 28, 2018 10:39 am

If any of you recall the Wilson / Wakeman disc called "The Weirkeeper's Tale", and liked it, you will be interested to know that they have released a follow up to it called " The Sun Will Dance in It's Twilight" ........

The great Damian Wilson teams up with Adam Wakeman again for another acoustic / story telling disc with Damian's vocals once again the focal point of the disc..... the problem comes in where there are so many Wilson discs that showcase his vocals - we know he is great - so how many of these discs does one really need ? I guess the rabid Wilson fan (that's me) will sop up everything solo he does.......if you missed his solo concert DVD, or you missed his Maiden United releases (Iron Maiden songs done acoustically and sung by Wilson) I have to say that you have missed something really special...... but I digress.......

This disc came with Ostura and Tomorrow's Eve - putting it on in between those discs wasn't such a great idea to do, because I admit I was bored to tears with it after following up after those two monsters...... yet, I played it again this morning, all alone with no distractions, and I still find myself bored with it ......somehow, I feel that the Weirkeeper was better, or that I'd had enough of this style from Damian...... however, if you can't get enough of Damian, and enjoy anything he puts out, you can't fault this disc at all .....once again, reference quality with Damian's vocals right out in the forefront, putting him right in the room with you ....... the acoustics behind him are superbly placed, and a wonderful sonic experience. This will probably end my Damian solo collection - only because I have so much of him .......

Now, if he wanted to do a solo acoustic disc of Threshold material --- that's another story ............ :wink:

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