SHADOWPLAY is back !!!!! New single.......

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SHADOWPLAY is back !!!!! New single.......

Postby LarryD » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:00 pm

Right - who is Shadowplay ?? Some years ago, when Gothic Metal was thriving and everyone was still interested in the genre, this Australian band put out an incredible debut called Shadowplay. Those of you who were lucky enough to score one of those hard to find discs know what I'm talking about ..... the band played a more atmospheric / slowed down version of Goth - sort of like what Within Temptation did around the "Enter" era, except this band threw in some Dream Theater-lite chops along the way to show that they could play as well ..... it was an incredible debut imo.

Almost ten years later - the band is back with a single called HOME. You can check it out here:

Word of warning - if you are sick of Evanescence type bands and sound, you won't like this one ....... they have upped their sound to a more accessible and familiar sound it seems, but this is only one song ...... I, for one, am extremely excited to see this band back in action ....... I hope they put out their disc soon - I'm completely in....I've been scouring the planet for some good Gothic Metal in the hopes of reviving my interest in the genre, and this is an excellent start !!!!!

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