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Astronoid - Air

Postby elendil » Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:53 am

Searched the forum and didn't see any posts on this 2016 release, but it sounds like something that would appeal to many here. Astronoid's a Massachusetts band, and they combine a bunch of different styles with a generally major-key, atmospheric affect. Think Alcest's _Shelter_ album meets Scale the Summit meets Devin Townsend meets... Helloween? Yes, seriously. Check out the "Up and Atom" track: I never thought someone could blend speedy Euro-style power metal with Alcest-y shoegaze, but here it is. I would consider the album progressive, especially if you consider stuff like StS prog.

Anyway, as I love all the bands mentioned here, this album is more less aimed straight at my taste configuration. If there's any criticism to be made, it's that it hews a bit too closely to some of their influences. While Alcest is a point of reference simply for the atmospherics and general "sound," Astronoid outright rips off a few riffs from Scale the Summit. But you know what? Some of the "classic" bands we revere today were a bit too obvious with their influences when they started out too. Overall, a great debut and highly recommended.

(I have no idea why Bandcamp puts the album under the "Blood Music" discography. There's also a separate Astronoid page.)

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