The return of my musical mojo!

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The return of my musical mojo!

Postby Man Of Much Metal » Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:41 am

Hi All,

Some of you might have noticed that I haven't been around these parts much recently. I kept in the 'game', listening & writing but I noticed I was doing it out of obligation rather than love.

I had lost my mojo.

But now it seems to have returned & I apologise for the sudden deluge in comments & review links I have littered this forum with. But it's nice to be back on track & have that childlike enthusiasm returned to me in full force.

So much so that I am in the early stages of turning my blog into a full-blown website. If anyone is interested & is on facebook, come and find my page - I'm 'Matt Spall - the man of much metal'. Long term, I'm hoping it'll be but who knows...

The carrot is that if I get to a point where I can make a bit of extra money out of it (unlikely), I'm finally going to break my Progpower USA virginity :D

So I guess I should make one last apology for the massive spamming exercise I have undertaken today & hope to see you either on social media or in Atlanta before too long.

Cheers my prog family \m/

The Man of Much Metal
The Blog Of Much Metal:

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Re: The return of my musical mojo!

Postby LarryD » Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:56 pm

Matt --

Welcome back !!!! You have been missed....... as I've mentioned to you in the past, do not apologize for the reviews and / or deluge of posts....... they are welcome, and anytime someone is able to bring us music that we haven't heard or gotten to yet, is more than welcome .......

If you've read any of the existing posts, you will find that I started a post about the "musical rut" ......... I didn't lose my mojo, but there is just not a lot hitting me hard at this time like it normally does at this point in the year.......

Lots of us have had this conversation many times behind the scenes, and in here as well ... and I continue to tell and encourage people, if you are in that rut or have lost your mojo, just come hear and read - sometimes that's all it takes to get back into the swing of things ..... it's inspiring to feed off of others' thoughts and posts and I find that helps me a lot with this very thing ...... sometimes, I just yak about a Queensryche disc, or a Dream Theater disc that everyone has talked to death - but it keeps it alive for me, and hopefully sparks it in someone else that is having the same problem.......

I normally don't say this in public, but I am so lucky to have people around me that constantly feed me music and help me get back into the swing of things..... in their world, the music never stops - but in mine, being a picky SOB, they work hard at finding me that music that hits my sweet spot and thus, the excitement and love continues for me...... that being said, I can say with much love, sincerity and gratefulness - if it weren't for Glenn, Ken, Guillaume, Todd and a few others who constantly take the time to not only find the gems out there for us - they constantly take the time to point me in the direction of the music I love, and for that I am grateful. Without these guys around me, I too might lose the mojo, but they ensure that I don't ....... and that is the reason that this place has survived for 20 years, and that the music is kept alive for me, and for a lot of us .......

So I say this -- when you are in a rut - and I am right now, but not for long as you can read in my other post, just come here, or visit the Prog Power board, and you will easily get your mojo back and get back into the groove very quickly .......

When you finally get to Prog Power - you will probably never lost your mojo again because that event is the catalyst and cure for any musical or emotional doldrums you can get into ...... I have found that Prog Power has a way of not only boosting your musical mojo, but also boosting your emotional mojo as well because it allows you feed off the emotions of others and being subjected to music you never thought you would be - and that, to me, is priceless.........

Not to mention - once you are introduced to the Room of Death, your life will be changed forever .......... :twisted:

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