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the Source

Postby Judas » Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:55 am

The Source, had high hopes , not bad but not great either.
way too many singers , too much confusion. same old concept again (no surprises there),
much too tiring, no more Ayreon blind purchases for me.

I doubt Arjen will again come up with the excellence of Into The Electric Castle or the greatness of Star One (first) and Universal Migrator.

The production is great as always, and yes I miss Damien's voice.


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Re: the Source

Postby LarryD » Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:31 pm

See ? Check out my other post on the Lord Band / Shawn Ames discussion........ even as we speak, people are posting things about Ayreon as if Arjen is a has-been, and many are not buying his discs blindly anymore....... I think age, longevity, history of awesome discs, and much more comes into play here - but if we are talking like this about Arjen, what chance does a Shawn Ames or Tom Malicoat have in the resurrection business ?

I too am getting picky about "blind buy" purchases, and that list has really dwindled........ lots of these bands and musicians are getting old ..... let's face it - and the market is certainly changing much quicker. People are embracing the "modern" Prog sound with Djent, what happens to the old school musicians ?

It's a downer for sure ...........

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