Thoughts on a lot of music - now and to come......

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Thoughts on a lot of music - now and to come......

Postby LarryD » Wed Jul 05, 2017 3:43 pm

Ok, so we're having these talks on lack of music - so I thought I'd take a moment and write down some thoughts on music I've heard, want to hear, yet to have heard.....yeah I know, like that makes sense. Just to show that I'm not sitting around waiting for some miracle to happen ......... and to those who have let me hear some of this stuff, I love you ... and to those who have teased me about what it to come, I still love you ........ I left out some of the titles of the discs for lack of memory and laziness to look them up ..........

ANATHEMA / The Optomist -
This went right to Amazon direct, and I bought it blind. While I love this type of music, I wasn't expecting this disc from this band at this time, if that makes sense. I'm a casual Anathema fan. I've dabbled in the discs over the years, and only Weather Systems has really captured my complete attention and heart..... that show at Prog Power, the electric one, was spell binding. I stayed until the very end when someone nicely came over and helped me pick up my jaw off the floor. The acoustic show, again, spell binding. Not a peep in the place. I've got the Universal bluray, I love it. I've got the acoustic bluray in the cathedral, I like it. This disc - if it was by another band I'd probably fall in love with it. It's a complete change from what won me over, and I need time to adjust to that, especially since I'm in a heavy, aggressive mood lately.......

ANTHRIEL / Transcendence -
I was hoping that they would up the ante from the last disc. They did. But not to my complete liking. It's awesome power / prog metal ......but the melodies I need are lacking, and the singer, while great, has a good accent and sings outside of the box now and then. Some really good songs, and some fast forwarding songs...... this band has potential, they are just missing an ingredient.

ORPHANED LAND & FRIENDS / 25th anniversary compilation -
I am quite surprised that no one has mentioned this disc, er download....... Can you believe this band has been together for 25 years ??? it's a digital download (hey, I'm learning), and I grabbed it off Google Play off all places. It's re-worked songs, demos, bonus tracks, and some songs with guests like Steven Wilson appearing as well..... one of the bands I cannot wait to see at Prog Power.....

PROSPEKT / The Illuminated Sky -
I am looking forward to this one big time ......the last one was very good, although lots had a problem with the singer as I did ....... they are back now, and releasing a new disc in the very near future with a new singer...........check out the samples here if you have not already - this is my style of prog metal that I refuse to let go of: ... al.669071/

SEVEN SPIRES / Solveig -
This is pure power metal fronted by a wonderfully talented female that actually scares me ......she is sooo good, and has a range that defies the ears....... I'm normally not into this style, but these videos have me completely sold. Power metal, with a woman who can sing like Blackie Lawless, Angela Glasgow, or a soft voiced female from another band ......the music is epic, aggressive, and has nothing to do with Prog, but I'm always on the lookout for a particular head banging band that suits my needs...... this one does it for me ............. ... g.1143848/

Anything with Ronnie Romero on it interests me ..... the videos provided around these parts sold me on it, and I bought if off Amazon....... it's a wonderful disc, but, it makes me want to keep going back to Lords of Black to hear Ronnie sing. There is nothing wrong with this disc - if Ronnie was part of this band originally, I'd be in love with it - but the Lords of Black music seems to be a bit better suited for my taste. I cannot wait to hear Ronnie sing at Prog Power. One of my personal highlights.

AYREON / The Source -
I buy anything Ayreon related outright. Whether I've heard it ahead of time or not. This is the best he has put out in many years for me's heavy, it's back to the old Ayreon style - I just wonder how the staying power it has, and how many of us are moving past "new" Ayreon and just plopping in The Final Experiment or Into the Electric Castle. No need to go further here, we have talked about this very thing many times.......

BARE INFINITY / The Butterfly Raiser -
Nobody gave a shit about their last release in 2009 .... I tried like hell, and Stevie really liked it. But for the most part, I think that the female fronted bands are going by the wayside unless they are Epica, Nightwish or Within Temptation. Bands of this style have to really be special to capture the interests of most nowadays, and I feel that this genre has been long left behind. The last Bare Infinity disc was really special - albeit unnoticed. This new one, while good, doesn't capture that particular spirit of the previous one, and I don't hear that too many are getting into this one as well. it's a shame as this band can stand on it's own - I just don't think that many are paying attention to this genre anymore....... ... r.1117882/

KOBRA & THE LOTUS / Prevail --
See the above post on Bare Infinity. But, this one is in the reverse form what I read. Last disc, they didn't make much noise .... supposedly on this disc, they are. And from what I'm told, I need to check this band out again too ..... I have not, and I will very soon ......... ... i.1068235/

VOYAGER / Ghost Mile -
It's doing the same for me as it is everyone else ..... it's Voyager, it's like no other ....... I do feel that there are other discs in their disco that are better than this, but I have no complaints about this disc other than maybe the shortness of the songs, or maybe the heaviness as compared to previous discs, but that's for another discussion....this one is a winner for me as well.

TETRAFUSION / Dreaming of Sleep -
Lots of people are digging this band from Louisiana.... I'm being told it's not my thing, but I'd like to get into a different style of prog, so I may give it a shot.......

NEED / Hegaiamas -
This is one of those bands I get constantly ridiculed for not digging to the max. I did have trouble with Orvam, but I loved their show at Prog Power..... I think it's one of those bands that translate from live to disc for me, and I know others have that same problem with other bands as well. Rather than go into why I don't dig the discs, I'll leave it at that and see what happens as the months play out.......

LONELY ROBOT / The Big Dream -
I love John Mitchell in Arena. One of my favorite guitarists. In Lonely Robot, not so much. I did not care for the last disc at all and I'm not enjoying what I am hearing here as well. Some guys have a certain chemistry within their own band, and don't translate well outside of that arena. That's where I'm at with this project. it's too "robotic" for lack of a better term.

ODD LOGIC / Effigy -
I have not heard a note of it. It's on my "to buy" list .......I will buy it without hearing a note. I loved Penny for Your Thoughts........ it's so good to see American bands still putting stuff out like this even though they seem to be flying under the radar.

VICIOUS HEAD SOCIETY / Abject Tomorrow -
Post, sci-fi, weird prog metal from Ireland of all places. I like what I'm hearing, have not bought it yet. After a few drinks, you can really start to appreciate this band........

DISPERSE / Foreward -
I did not care for the last Disperse disc. I found it too busy, jazzy, whatever....... but, I know the guitarist is a monster and I'd like to try to get into this band more to appreciate the style. I've heard people say it's not my thing, to I'd love it, and I'm reading others thoughts on the "djent" sound which will kill it for me...... I'll get to it eventually.

AMORPHIS & FRIENDS / An Evening with Friends -
I don't know how I got this one, but I do. And I love it. I don't see many talking about this one can see a review here: ... la/634472/

I happen to agree with the reviewer that it's much too short, and adding the 2nd night of the show would have been better for us fans for sure....... I am not a complete Amorphis fan, but I've enjoyed everything since Skyforger, and they do not disappoint on this one.

Feel free to add any bands to this list - but I am checking out new stuff all the time, I'm just waiting for the moment to say WOW !!!!!!!!! Maybe one of these discs above will do it ...........

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Re: Thoughts on a lot of music - now and to come......

Postby Packgrog » Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:47 pm

Some thoughts:

Anathema - Optimist
This one is leaving me kind of cold, honestly. I've *LOVED* every new studio album they've released since A Natural Disaster (not counting reworks of old material). I loved Universal. This one just feels like leftovers that don't really go anywhere. There's nothing that's really as uplifting and inspiring like the past several albums. A couple of good tracks, but on the whole, just a lot of meandering repetition that goes nowhere and peters out. :/

Ayreon - The Source
Best thing Arjen has released since Human Equation (my favorite Ayreon). That said, this didn't have a lot of staying power for me. It's more of the same, very well done, but we've been here enough times before. The same feeling struck me with the most recent Evergrey as well. Bummer.

Voyager - Ghost Mile
This one is still sticking with me. Not quite as addictive as V was (and did anyone scold them for not having a dude in a desert on the cover of that one?), and still definitely in their comfort zone, but different enough from their previous work to feel fresh.

Some other recent listens:

Unleash the Archers - Apex
What is it about this album that is so satisfying? I tried the previous release and it couldn't hold my attention, but this one is sticking with me. Very enjoyable. Their cover of Queen of the Ryche on the Japanese release is also immensely satisfying, with my only gripe being the absence of the final two beats at the very end.

Witherscape - The Northern Sanctuary
A Nightingale/Edge of Sanity hybrid with a Full Dynamic Range recording, and Dan finally finding that glorious middle ground in is vocals between ballsy and melodic? Freakin' heaven for me here! If only his earlier Nightingale and EoS recordings sounded as good as this, they'd be easier to revisit.

Roger Waters - Is This the Life We Really Want?
Brutal. The missing Pink Floyd link between Animals and The Wall. Waters is FURIOUS with recent world news, and clearly inspired as a result. He may not be breaking new ground musically, as some have complained, but I find this one very satisfying. I think this is his best work since The Wall, and both The Final Cut and Amused to Death grew on me over the years. Interestingly, his voice sounds better here than it did on Amused to Death!

Perturbator - The Uncanny Valley
Dark synthwave. Awesome stuff. The track "The Cult of 2112" may sound nothing like Rush, but it certainly provides a chuckle. :)

Jean-Michell Jarre - Oxygene 3
A continuation of the Oxygene suite, started in 1977, continued in 1997, and now again in 2017. The 1997 release sounded like more of a retro throwback than this newer one does. There's a couple of little winks to the original in this, but this still feels like a more modern electronica album. Very enjoyable, certainly more so for me than most of his post-1970's stuff (which is way too French Synth Pop for my taste).

The Interbeing - Among the Amorphous
Reminds me a bit of Mnemic, but a little better. Not much more to say yet.

Flux Conduct - Yetzer Hara
Similar to TesseracT, but more enjoyable for me than the last TesseracT album (I never could figure out why that one left me flat). I'm really enjoying this one.

Alestorm - No Grave But the Sea
Pure giddy obnoxious catharsis. Fucked with an Anchor is undoubtedly the song of the year. Possibly the decade. Unabashedly offensive and dorky all at once. Perfection.

Damnations Day - A World Awakens
Reminds me a little of October Thorns. Remember than band? Certainly much better production value on this one. Decent, but doesn't blow me away.

I also enjoyed the recent releases from Battle Beast, Jamiroquai, Paramore, Depeche Mode, and Soen, but I've tired of the Battle Beast (my iPhone LOVED it, at the exclusion of almost everything else), and just haven't been in the mood for the others. The Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie album didn't do much for me at all.

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Re: Thoughts on a lot of music - now and to come......

Postby EmptyThoughts » Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:53 pm

Here are a couple for you all to check out:

Issac Vacuum - Lords. This is a cross between Post Rock, Prog Metal with an Alice in Chains groove too it. Very unique stuff, but very good.

Constantine - Esthesia. Their previous album Resign Due
was very good, yet hardly mentioned here. Well, this is their latest album and it's good mix between Prog Metal with some Modern Rock and some technical interludes. Definitely worth a listen.

Awaiting Dawn - Leave No Trace. This one has a Poverty's No Crime vibe through out the album. Very good stuff. Can't believe this one hasn't been mentioned...

That's it for now... Have more in line.

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Re: Thoughts on a lot of music - now and to come......

Postby EmptyThoughts » Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:04 am

I got a few new albums that no one has even mentioned here...

Guidepost - Delusion & Excuse: These guys are from Russia and they play a Melodic brand of Prog Rock/Metal. Solid musicianship, very good songs especially Evening. Melodic combined with Symphonic. This album is free, so definitely worth grabbing a copy.

Sky Architect - Nomad: It's been some time since their previous album, but they definitely came back with a bang... This is their most Progressive album to date. All in an old school kind of way. So, if you're into Prog Rock, definitely worth listening.

More to come later...

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