So is anyone else in a musical rut this year besides me ?

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Re: So is anyone else in a musical rut this year besides me ?

Postby Mardoch » Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:02 am

ElegyFan wrote:I keep pulling out "Theories of Flight". Right now I am listening to Ark so I guess I am too.

Except there's never a bad time to listen to Ark. That's a Jorn project I wish was still going. Easily my favorite of his many adventures.

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Re: So is anyone else in a musical rut this year besides me ?

Postby GaetanL » Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:48 am

I'm currently into a Scorpions rut! Revisiting the studio albums and concerts (including the new 50th anniversary editions) and also some stuff I recently bought that I have never listened / watched before.

I'm currently working on the page of this band for my website. This will be my next update. The work is pretty much advanced now.

1) This band is well known world wide but I think some people can learn from what I'm writing because in the process of writing the page I have learned many things myself about Scorpions I didn't know. Also some people may have surrender about the band and for example don't know the great album "Humanity - Hour I". Thanks to Steve for this one! So, I know I said before that the most important is to discover a band and after each one can do his homework and discover the albums, but I think it's not always a waste of time because, for example, in this case, I'm sure many people who know Scorpions have never heard "Humanity - Hour I" and may be tempted to give it a try after reading what I wrote.

2) Someone can found my website by searching something about Scorpions and then discover another band. For example, if someone discover the band Redemption because of this, that would make my day. Long time ago, when I was having only a progressive metal section, someone discovered Redemption because of my website and bought "The Origin Of Ruins". In fact, it's a 2007 top 5 I sent him on request, but indirectly, it's because of my website.
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Re: So is anyone else in a musical rut this year besides me ?

Postby Manuel Cedeno » Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:16 pm

I was having a "slow month" for new stuff and I just found 3 great releases on Glen's list. If you look for it and keep an open mind you can always find some great new music to enjoy.

What constitutes a "musical rut" for a given year anyway? Is it a lack of quality releases across all genres? Quantity over quality? There are so many ways to go about it that a clear criteria is impossible to define. It can depend on the new album release-cycle of the bands that you like —as many only stick with familiar bands. Or maybe a surprising amount of new bands putting out quality releases. You could also feel that a single masterpiece album can make up for everything...

I guess you can only tell in January of 2018 when you write down your top 20 list. No matter what I can guarantee you will have a strong top 10. There are so many great bands out there and we still have 5 months to go.

I am never in sync with these things anyway as I am always catching up. I don't have access to as many albums as some of you do so I rely on your lists and reviews to get the essential new stuff. I'm still discovering stuff from 2015 and just enjoying the music not matter when it came out. But if I have to go strictly by 2017, I am very impressed by Voyager and Persephone, with Tetrafusion around the corner.

Testofwills wrote:My tastes are quite heavier and for me theres been plenty of purtrid deth metal to keep me happy...but for Prog metal the Voyager is quite the monster for ten action for the year for sure....also seeing Fates Warning live really blew me away on how awesome they sounded... :D

Care to share those putrid death metal releases?

Digital Man wrote:Yep, I'm in a prog metal rut as well. I'm not sure if it's the lack of top shelf releases or me or both. I always go through cycles of burn out on a particular style and just explore other styles until it passes. I've always kind of liked prog rock, but it never got any serious listening time because I was always more into metal. Lately I've really been listening to a lot of prog rock that I passed over in the past and am really enjoying it.

Care to share those prog rock albums you are enjoying?


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