Geoff Tate / The Whole Story Acoustic Tour ........

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Geoff Tate / The Whole Story Acoustic Tour ........

Postby LarryD » Sat May 06, 2017 8:45 pm

If I hadn't seen it- listened to it - and enjoyed the entire show, I would have never believed it. Found this show on You Tube somehow and I was in awe from the start of the show to the very end and didn't want it to end. 30 years of Queensryche songs done acoustically in 2 hrs. Absolutely fantastic, beautiful and mesmerizing.

If you've given up on QR, Tate himself, or both - it doesn't matter. This show was so cool and well done I couldn't take my eyes and ears off it. Even the wife enjoyed it after a few " that's Geoff " ?? interjections ....... she loved it as well. Geoff has 2 acoustic guitars, a violinist, and a drummer banging a large bongo and tapping a kick drum. The sound is first rate - the video, well even though it touts HD, is good but only one camera and stationary - and a little distance between the camera and Tate.

After the show - I said to my wife, " if he puts that out on DVD, I'm buying instantly" ........ he takes QR songs and just morphs them into beautiful acoustic versions and changes the vocal melodies a bit giving the songs fresh life. His banter in between songs ( I was surprised ) was very laid back and comic-infused and lots of QR history to be had as well........

If you were lucky enough to see this show, you know what I'm talking about ......... if you didn't know it existed or want to see it, here it is .........enjoy !!!!!

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Re: Geoff Tate / The Whole Story Acoustic Tour ........

Postby Esanssi » Sun May 07, 2017 6:50 am

That was quite good, Geoff doesn't sound (too) strained which is a miracle considering how bad his singing has been past few years. The only option here is that he has started training and taking care of his voice again which he should have always done. Less cigaresttes, less wine, practice, practice, practice.

Todd's good and I think Queensrÿche will never get together again with Geoff but nobody was so good as the Geoff in his prime (Operation:Livecrime is just perfect). It's a shame how things ended. They should've pulled the plug after Promised Land (which is my second best favorite from their catalogue, O:M being the number one).
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