Happy Anniversary to us !!!! Well, sort of ......

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Re: Happy Anniversary to us !!!! Well, sort of ......

Postby Musicaholic » Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:12 am

Wanted to post here so bad, but due to a musical fast, I resisted the urge to post or sign up. Thanks to LarryD keeping this memory of nostalgia alive! :D

I'll remain anonymous for now, but I'm a raging music addict. Like if they hooked up a device to my brain and examined what was going on on the way I listen to music, it would probably light up and withdraw like a cocaine addicts brain.

My first post here, but for a year I've abstained from listening to music with several relapses. Since there is no 12 step meeting for this specifically, Ive been seeing a therapist, going on meds for depression/anxiety/sleep, and going to 12 step meetings AA (although alcohol is not a problem, I do have an "alcoholic mind" when it comes to listening to that first song).

Just some of the issues I'm dealing with:

  • Music ADD - When a person cant listen to one song for a long period of time and they constantly are changing the radio station or skipping songs while listening to a CD or MP3 player.
  • Music Addict- One who is addicted to music. Cant live one minute of the day with there music, wether it would be rock, country, etc.
  • Music FOM - When a person stops listening to music but can't stop the addiction to reading reviews, best of lists, or stay off music forums and develops into a Fear of Missing Out compulsive behavior.

I first started getting to know people online here around '97 when Dietricks web forum was just starting up.

The only clue to my identity that I'll give here is that I sold my Sacred Warrior - Rebellion CD to LarryD for $8 back in '97 I think it was. :lol:
Musicaholic - A person who can't stop playing/listening to music.

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