Knight Area / Heaven and Beyond ......

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Knight Area / Heaven and Beyond ......

Postby LarryD » Fri Mar 03, 2017 9:29 am

Just when you thought it was safe to say, " how much Knight Area do I really need ? ", it's not. This is one of those bands that continue to amaze me in that every disc is a winner, and continues to fly under the radar like Subsignal.

Those of you who follow the band - we have another winner here on our hands with Heaven and Beyond. Those of you who don't know them (Gaeten take note if you don't), this is a hybrid of Neo-Prog / Prog Rock injected with hard rock / light metal and tons upon tons of melodies that just stick with you from song to song. I've made 2 passes through this disc in succession, and I'm having trouble stopping each song and going on to the next in hopes to find my favorite song on the disc, which right now seems to be the title track, Heaven and Beyond. Just a beautiful, beyond melodic, heart wrencher of a song.

I wish this band got more love around here -- the metal heads can stay clear of this for sure, but for those of you who like to crossover into Neo-Prog / Prog Rock would do well to grab onto this one without hesitation. In a genre of Neo-Prog that seems to be basically stagnant and / or slowing down to a halt, bands like Knight Area continue to fly the flag for the genre, and fly it well they do. Glorious keyboards, gigantic melodies, very accessible songs, excellent vocals, everything you want from a band in this genre. Those of you who sit back (like me) and continue to wait for that next Neo / Prog gem, it's awesome when it finally comes around, and the new Knight Area is worthy of being called a gem. It validates my love of the genre, and that there is still hope for it beyond Arena and IQ. Fantastic to these ears.

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Re: Knight Area / Heaven and Beyond ......

Postby The Surfing Alien » Sun Mar 05, 2017 1:36 pm

This is great! I think it sounds a lot like Queen too, with those vocal melodies and guitar harmonies. Sometimes it sounds like a more progressive version of that album Paul Gilbert did with Freddie Mercury clone a few years ago.

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