2016 The truth, the rest and best

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2016 The truth, the rest and best

Postby MJ Brady » Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:04 am

I haven't posted here in a good while. But felt the urge to after seeing some unusual trends on other lists. I mean Thank You Scientists is being discussed?, and progmetal legends like Dream Theater and Circus Maximus are being omitted for betraying their loyal fanbases by daring to reinvent or deinvent however you perceive it. Obviously not everyone passed on them.
For myself it's another banner year for great music, a top 25 would allow most of my favorites, and not having a ranking makes listing far easier just going by alphabetical order works best for me.
Ampledeed-BYOB us progrock band that takes a look back at the Canterbury scene and what made it such a special and timeless genre, instead of jazz dudes playing rock, it is more the other way a round.

Animals as Leaders - The madness of Many. For the tech savvy more intricate math class music for the senses.

Counter World Experience snuck in another fine progfusion offering under the radar, perhaps their best yet.

Deus ex Machina - Devoto a nice if not unexpected return to form from this monster Italian hard progrock band.

Dewa Budjana - Zentuary very eclectic fusion of prog ethno fusion from Indonesia, very unique.

DGM - The Passage, someone mentioned earlier about the gradual improvement in the band's evolution, agreed.

Dream Theater - The Astonishing. I can hardly listen to it start to finish. And i still don't get the concept, I will keep trying.
Eric Gillette - The great Unknown. this underlooked gem is the cd Petrucci should have made. he employs Haken keyman Diego Tejeda as well as drummer Thomas Lang, Bass player Conor Green from Haken also joins in. it's really good.
Fates Warning - Theories of Flight. It took a few days to get this one, but now I know what makes it good. Bobby Jarzombek.
Glass Hammer - Valkyrie , some well polished progrock. fun listen.
Haken - Affinity, a nice return to form, love this one.
Half past Four - Land of the blind. female fronted Canadian progband, with a dense complexity, while being pleasant,another band with some Canterbury v vibes
Hemina - Venus nice evolution for this Aussie band also.

Ingranaggi Della Valle - Warm Spaced Blue, haunting old school Italian progrock done right. Quality stuff.

Jack O the Clock - Repetitions of the old City. Hard to peg a genre for this band, it's very difficult music, and challenges the listener at every angle.
Kansas - The Prelude Imp!icit
Karmakanic - DOT
Knifeworld - Bottled out of Eden, a band some here would
Lapis Lazuli - Wrong Meeting, another fantastic Canterbury sounding band.
Mammoth - Deviations, hard prog fusion,excellent.
Marbin - Goat man and the house of the Dead - interesting new throwback jam/prog/fusion band, Fun!
Maschine - Natualis, nice guitar playing. decent overall.
Mike Keneally - Scambot II, yep the guy that played onthe Mullmuzzler cds.
Moogg - Italian Luxury Style. trippy synth heavy progrock, with subtle intricasies.
Neal Morse - The Similitude of a dream
Panzerpappa - Pestrottedans, Norway's squonk rock fusioneers still at it.
Sanguine Hum What we ask.........super catchy melodic rock or something.
Sean Ashe - Flux one of the very few solo guitar cds i really enjoy.
Snarky Puppy - Culcha Vulcha - love this band, hifi test music, with great musicians and vibe.
Thank You Scientists - Stranger heads prevail. Just plain manic fun. complex and to too.
Third Ion - Biolith, interesting game metal prog from Canada.
Twelve Foot Ninja - Invincible. My new favorite progmetal band from Australia 3 thumbs up.
Utopianisti - The third frontier, Finlands answer to Thank you Scientists and then some.
Watchtower - Concepts of Math, book l. finally!

more to come

Ok. finally got to sit at my computer and see what i may have missed, and was reminded that there has been a lot of really good instrumental progmetal releases this year. I mentioned Mammoth, which are one of them, very technical.
Setsudan - Disconnected - again very technical and precise.
Visual Insanity - Virtual Escape, tech prog, with some nice touches of synth and ambiance.
Polyphia - Renaissance - very nice duel guitars, with smart playing and backdrop
Pitts Minnemann Project - The Psychic Planetarium - this is quite intense, different from older ,material.
Measures - Brave New World, kind of a Planet X sounding vibe from this band.
Manhattan Project - Engineering Chaos - pretty shreddy metal infused stuif, with ample keys, from Greece.
Liquorworks - Psycho Soundwaves - finnish inst fusion metal']
Plini - Handmade Cities
Sithu Aye - Set Course For Andromeda
Gianluca Ferro - A Hole in the Ocean
Owane - Dunno - Norwegian tone master on the guitar, huge potential.

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Re: 2016 The truth, the rest and best

Postby Mardoch » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:59 pm

Holy shit I'm not the only one listing Sithu Aye in their year end!

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Re: 2016 The truth, the rest and best

Postby xaurt » Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:26 pm

Twelve Foot Ninja - Invincible. My new favorite progmetal band from Australia 3 thumbs up.

Love this band. I'll add another thumb!


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