Matt's annual 'top 30 countdown' has begun...sorry!

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Matt's annual 'top 30 countdown' has begun...sorry!

Postby Man Of Much Metal » Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:56 am

Hi good people Of The PM board,

I thought I'd just take a moment to let you all know, whether you wanted to know or not, that I have begun my annual labour of love otherwise known as my 'Album of the Year 2016' top 30 countdown.

Those familiar will know that each day, I write a post all about a chosen album with links to the full review & embedded sample tracks.

This ain't no list, this is so much more ;-)

I'm down to number 22 so far, with plenty of different genres represented. However, you can rest assured there will be plenty of prog featured along the way.

If you're interested, the link is as follows: ... number-22/

If you then like what you read, I can be found pimping my blog to the rafters on twitter & fb - come join me!

Shameless plug over, I really hope you like the series.

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