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BLIND EGO / Liquid .......

Postby LarryD » Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:23 am

So Glenn tells me that he's got wood over the new Blind Ego, and that I should check it out...... wait a minute - Glenn's got wood over Blind Ego ? Blind Ego is the side project of Kalle Wallner, guitarist of legendary Neo-Prog band RPWL. Throwing me off is that RPWL is a Pink Floyd-entrenched Neo-Prog from Germany, why in the hell would Glenn like this one ???

Not hearing a note -- I buy it. I'm blown away - and into my Top 10 list the disc goes just about immediately. As I learn quickly, Blind Ego has nothing to do with RPWL, and it appears that Kalle Wallner truly believes that he is a metal guitarist and needs to expand his horizons somewhat......and that he does.

So Kalle goes out and gets a couple of vocalists to help him out with this monster, and he grabs Arno Menses (Subsignal), and Erik Blomkvist (ex-Platitude). He splits the disc up into 2 styles by doing this - the more melodic, dramatic style with Arno of course, and the more aggressive, technical side of things with Erik. They both do a hell of a job with every song, and strangely no 2 songs sound the same. This is by no means Metal - but it's hard hitting melodic hard rock with lots of groove, melody, blues, and acoustic bliss.......

And moreover, what it has is one serious production of the best I've heard this year. Kalle Wallner is not only a great guitarist, but he is a fantastic producer as well and this thing sounds blissful. Yeah I know it's not metal, but when you have a production like this, you can enjoy the damn thing a whole lot more. I still can't fogire out what Kalle wants to be when he grows up, but here he takes all of musical influences and pours them out into this disc - and with the killer vocals he's got going with it, every song takes on it's own meaning and story.

Add another disc that shot straight into my Top 10 list, and I haven't stopped playing this one since getting it ......I've got plenty of RPWL discs, and while I'm a casual fab of that band - I'm now a disciple of Kalle Wallner. When this dude talks, I'm going to listen from now on .......... buy or die material for me.

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