Quick order from The Lasers Edge .....

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Quick order from The Lasers Edge .....

Postby LarryD » Tue May 17, 2016 9:26 am

While I'm playing samples of all kinds of music, Manimal got me in the mood for a purchase....... so here's what I ordered on a whim:

IQ / Live on the Road of Bones -
I love all things IQ. When they release something, I get it. The Road of Bones was my favorite song of the year when the disc came out. Have been hoping for a DVD or a Bluray of this tour as I need to hear Road of Bones live. Lo and Behold, they heard me and released this live CD of the whole Road of Bones disc. Plus a 2nd disc as well. IQ heaven baby !!!!!!

Lords of Black / II -
I downloaded this when it came out. After hearing Ronnie Romero for a few months, I want the actual disc. I love this band. It stokes my traditional metal fire but adds one hell of a bad ass singer. I don't think this is the Japanese version which has the Queen "Innuendo" cover on it .... anyone know where I can find that one ? I don't mind buying this one twice.

Manimal / Trapped in the Shadows -
I hate names like this. I avoid at all costs in spite of lots of bands putting out great music to a shitty name. I heard 2 songs at a listening party and I was sold. I sampled the whole thing and it's now on this buy list. If you're scraching your head saying "you like this" ?, don't forget I was with Priest from the early years (Rocka Rolla I believe). Painkiller was pretty much it for me, which ended an awesome Priest run for me. Brainstorm came next and scratched that nostalgic itch again, and I love great singers like Andy Franck to boot. Here comes Manimal, which is a cross between Painkiller and Brainstorm with a singer who is a cross between Halford and early Alder (No exit era) and bam !!!!! I'm playing air guitar throughout the house while the wife is gone...... This is blistering Painkiller style music with more melodies and this cool high pitched singer. I need this every now and then in my life......

Kudos go out to Glenn and Guillaume for stoking the fires once again and pointing me in the right direction !!!!!! Horns are up !!!!!

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