Stuff for you guys to sample!

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Stuff for you guys to sample!

Postby Random Axe » Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:21 pm

Here's some pretty damn cool bands/videos to check out that I don't see much discussion about.

Innerwish - These guys have a new vocalist, more metal this time around. He's got a lot of Barlow in his delivery. Great band with four straight badass albums.

Impera - This might be a bit on the lighter side, but some of their tunes seriously rock. The only sample I could find is a little tame, but the talent is totally unmistakable. Ridiculously good band, all albums are fantastic.

Empire 21 - These guy also blur the line between rock and metal but damn!

Wearing Scars - Imagine Chris Daughtry fronting a modern metal band. That is this.

Manimal - METAAAAALLLLLL!!!! Total Priest Painkiller worship but far better IMO. THis tune isn't totally representative of the album as a whole. They have far more depth and melody in other songs. Total and complete killer album first track till last.

Diviner - Jon from Need turned me onto these fellow Greeks. Mix of Iced Earth and early Annihilator

Daydream XI - Finally some PROG! Riffs and shreds!

And just for entertainment here's the funniest musician on youtube. He completely rips everyone apart and spare no genre. Seriously talented!

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