First order of the year from The Lasers Edge.....

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First order of the year from The Lasers Edge.....

Postby LarryD » Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:54 am

I was wondering when this was going to happen........ while waiting for some of our favorites to start putting out their discs, I saw Ken's post on the Damian Wilson / Adam Wakeman project. Had to have it. Put a small order together, and here's what I ordered:

Damian Wilson / Adam Wakeman Project - Weir Keeper's Tale -

From the Lasers Edge web site; Damian Wilson is one of the greatest vocalists in metal - dating back to his work with Threshold and now with Headspace. Somewhere in the middle he made some great music with Rick Wakeman. His collaboration with Adam Wakeman began with Headspace (who are about to release their second album).
Weir Keeper's Tale is an acoustic based album that features the two musicians in sparse arrangements. Acoustic guitar and piano are the backdrop for Wilson's voice which is startling in its clarity. Adam sings as well and he's fine vocalist that complements and harmonizes with Wilson as well.
No technicality here - just pure melody and emotion. Highly recommended.

If this interests you, you might want to visit TLE site, I understand there are only 2 left at the moment.

Lion Shepherd / Hiraeth -

From the Lasers Edge web site; Lion Shepherd is a new band from Poland led by Kamil Haidar and Mateusz Owczarek. There has been a bit of a buzz starting on the band as they recently completed a European tour as suport for Riverside. Riverside has been a tremendous influence on a number of bands from Poland. The reason is pretty obvious - they are successful. Lion Shepherd wear their influences on their sleeve. Besides the obvious Riverside leanings there is a strong injection of Eastern European and Middle Eastern flavors. This ethnic vibe often reminds of Indukti and Mariusz Duda's Lunatic Soul projects. A nice balance of acoustic space out and electric heaviness. There is something very promising developing here. Highly recommended.

Someone here had this on their Top 25 or whatever list. It pays to read these things..... I checked these guys out on You Tube and TLE site and found that they are indeed heavily influenced by Riverside. At first, I was lukewarm to the name (of course) but after seeing a live clip on You Tube, I was sold.... I'll take another "Riverside" type band anytime.

Alan Parsons Project - Eye to Eye / Live in Madrid

I've been an AP fan since back in the 70s. Every now and then I go on an AP binge, and re-discover the greatness all over again. I believe this live show was recorded some time around 2004, 2005 in Madrid, Spain and a DVD was released as well. Their only DVD (strangely). Although none of the original members are here, the current touring members are more than adequate and sound a lot like the originals. I have the DVD, but not the CD. This is only 1 of 2 or 3 live AP shows recorded. The newest one, called Live Span, showcases "Turn of a Friendly Card" in it's entirety and is a 2-CD set. Both feature Alan Parsons himself playing acoustic guitar and singing one or two songs. Btw, the Eye to Eye CD is $7.00. :shock:

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