New Riverside in September....

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Re: New Riverside in September....

Postby T'ski » Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:47 pm

Finally got around to giving this a listen, not sure what to think.

I was encouraged by the three tracks released prior to the album coming out, but I think the overall vibe is just to dark for me.

Musically it still sounds like Riverside even without Piotr, but the vocals are a head scratcher for sure. "Guardian Angel" is beautiful, but I do not care for the low register take on the vocals and I kind of feel the same vibe on the title track.

The instrumental was a mess at the beginning but came together okay as it went along.

The closing track is very emotional but again, the theme is not something I want to have repeated listens to.

Right now I'd have to rank this as disappointing, but we'll see what repeated listenings will do.

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